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The Americas


    Costa Rica

    Expats moving to Costa Rica will find a small, popular tourist destination known for its year-round tropical climate, impressive natural scenery (including rainforests, beaches, canyons and volcanos) and great quality of life. Expats to Costa Rica will find plenty of British and American retirees and tourists alike.


    Expats moving to Ecuador will be overwhelmed by this compact country’s diversity and natural beauty. From its beautiful coastline to the Amazon jungle and the stunning Andes, Ecuador is sure to be a breathtaking experience for all who visit. The peaceful city of Cuenca is growing in popularity, especially among retirees.


    Thoughts of warm weather and a relaxed attitude make Mexico an attractive destination, particularly for retired expats looking to stretch out their pensions and unfold their sun chairs. Mexico has actually seen such a large influx of foreign pensioners that retired communities have sprouted up and down the coasts.


    The Panamanian people are known for being friendly, hospitable and welcoming towards new arrivals. While the official language of Panama is Spanish, expats will find that most Panamanian people in urban areas speak English well. Expats living in Panama will find the cost of living low, and shopping in Panama is mostly duty-free.


Asia Pacific


    Expats moving to Asia will find themselves on a continent that’s as vast as it is varied. The striking regional contrasts and extensive differences in terms of ethnicity, culture, history, economy and environment may surprise many – but as the world’s largest and most populous continent, little else could be expected.


    Australia ranks amongst one of the safest countries for expats to live in. Expats moving to Australia can expect a lifestyle driven by outdoor pursuits, featuring elements of multiculturalism, especially in cuisine and traditions. The country is an excellent place to raise a family and expats living in Australia have access to exceptional healthcare facilities.

    South Pacific

    While moving to the South Pacific (New Zealand and neighboring islands), has long been a relocation favored by those looking to live out their twilight years amidst extensive coastlines and sunnier climes, younger ranks of the global population are increasingly interested in moving to this part of the world, as well.



    Moving to Europe is exposure to a wide array of cultures, cuisines, and languages. The continent is not only credited as the birthplace of Western culture, but it’s also lauded for its role as the staging ground for many of the globe’s major influential cultural and social movements.

    Middle East

    Expat life in the Middle East is not cookie-cutter, but rather, each country claims its own unique personality and characteristics; Many are attracted by the culture or faith, while others are drawn to vibrant economy and thriving technology sectors.


    Africa! The continent that claims the cradle of humankind and the Great Rift Valley is also one that’s credited with the kind of color and vibrancy that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. From mysterious Morrocco to cosmopolitan Capetown, there is more to this expat destination then you may know.

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