Our Story

After a two week vacation, Darrell Forte, Founder, President, and CEO of Transition Concierge International (TCI), decided that he and his family wanted to move to Ecuador. Upon returning to the United States, Darrell began investigating what he thought he would need to know in order to make the move as an expat. However, after three weeks of research, he was frustrated, uninformed, and more confused than ever.

After reaching out to a professional who handles visa applications, he received a simple email, clearly explaining the process. Darrell was amazed that it was really that simple and he was struck by three thoughts. (1) It is difficult to find reliable information about becoming an expat. (2) There is a huge number of expats living abroad. (3) Expats comprise an underserved market with no comprehensive services to support their needs. This inspired Darrell to create TCI.