How TCI Works

We are a community of like-minded individuals that includes a team of expats and experts who provide information and education. We have several offerings to help expats at every stage of their journey.

On My Way To… helps prepats explore the possibility of moving abroad, with the ultimate goal of helping them decide where to go. We help them explore their mindset, motivations, needs, and desires as they relate to the life of an expat.  We also provide a variety of content designed to help them research different locations to the end of making an informed decision as to where to go.
Expat University (Expat-U) is an online university that educates prepats on what they need to know to move to a specific country. We offer a full curriculum of blended learning that runs for 8 weeks.  The university also has the capability to create curriculum tailored to the needs of corporate customers.
Expat Transition Services (ETS) helps expats transition to their new countries. The number one reason why expats return to their country of origin is they fail to transition successfully. We provide individual guidance, language services, access to industry partners, and in-country support as needed.

The above offerings are supported by the following internal working groups:

  • The TCI Expat Alliance is our team of expats and industry experts focused on analyzing and documenting the expat mindset and experience in its essence. They advise us, write articles, manage blogs, and conduct webinars and round tables.  They represent a collective of expat experiences and perspectives that helps us understand and relate to everyone within the Community.
  • Expat Alliance Advisory Committee: We have formed an advisory committee from selected members of the Alliance.  These committee members bring both their expat experiences and professional expertise to TCI to guide us as we grow.
  • TCI Expat Community – A community of like-minded individuals interacting with each other and our team Expats and Experts to the end of informing and educating each other as each proceeds through their personal decision process.