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Family Life

Making the Move: Part 3: Das Parents!

In Part 2 of this series, we got the kids figured out in relation to the move.  Part 3 is all about us, the parents!  It is really easy to forget us, or to forget each... read more
Expat Planning

Making the Move Part 4: Das Move!!

Well, it’s that day! Moving day! You are excited, tired, anxious, frustrated, happy, and a whole host of other juxtaposed antonymous feelings all jumbled into one weird sentiment! So, how did you get here? Rewind to... read more

TCI is different. Our focus is to inform and support you as you embrace the possibility of moving abroad. Through our community, we will help you reflect personally on the move, encourage you to explore your options, educate you on the specifics of your move, and then provide guidance and support as you transition to your new home. We are here for you!

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Expat Perspectives

The Lady Travels

Guest Writer – Martha Maze   In 1978, at the age of 19, and at the behest of my university career counselor, I left the safety and security of the USA and went to school in post-Franco... read more
Travel and Tech

Roam The World

Technology Is Our Friend! For many of us, it’s a challenge just trying to survive our typical routine. Nomadic life takes that to an entirely new level; offering some trade-offs in exchange for a truly global... read more

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